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Have you ever sat in silence, I mean silence that is so quiet that you could swear you hear someone’s voice speaking to you? I found myself in this very silence one night in April of 2017 as my son had just slipped into sleep in his hospital bed. Just a few days prior, my wife and I had been told that our son had cancer. It’s a statement that seems to hit you out of nowhere, like an intruder stealing all of your emotions left inside of you. As I sat there just five feet away from his side, in that silence I began to hear a voice softly whispering ideas into my ear. As fate would have it, I just so happened to have some paper and a pen in the backpack I had brought for the night. I quickly began jotting down the words swirling around in the dark silence, like a reporter interviewing the deepest part of my mind. A written daily journal, no, how about just random thoughts of how I was feeling, wait, a story that tells the ups and downs of his battles? Yes, that is it, Cadin’s Story!!

And so it was born, cadinsstory.com! A site that would update daily with the trials and battles that would now be facing my 12 year old son. For days while I sat in the hospital with Cadin, I worked on layouts, logos, and sketches of how things would look. A small glimmer of hope came over me as I finished and posted the site. That site quickly became a daily ritual for us, every night Cadin wanted the new comments left by his friends, family and even strangers read to him before bed. I don’t know how reading words off of a simple screen could feel us with so much hope and love, but it did!

As weeks passed, I started noticing that our family had to begin missing opportunities to go places or do things as a whole family unit, things that would be normal for most families. Night would fall and I would find myself in those moments of silence again, as I lay still in the dark room where we slept. One by one, thoughts would race through my head about how families with as child battling cancer still deserved a normal life! It doesn’t seem fair; it didn’t seem right, why was no one doing anything to help? After weeks of compiling my thoughts, I realized that I had pages and pages of notes that could change the lives of these very families. Even if just for a short time, wasn’t it worth it, wouldn’t it be great to give these kids a chance to be “normal” during treatments?

By June of 2017, I had filled the paperwork to start Cadin’s Cure. Not exactly sure just yet what I had taken on, we pressed forward to get some people in place and get paperwork finished. With other obligations though, it would be almost 9 months before I could finally finish the paperwork to become a 501©3 non-profit organization.  In that time of waiting though, more ideas filled my notepad and Cadin had finished chemo and a few weeks of radiation. As we listened with mounds of anxiety on the phone as the doctors excitedly spoke, we heard something that would change us forever, YOUR SON IS FREE OF CANCER! We broke down instantly, overran by positive emotions, but my heart still broke knowing that many parents facing this battle would not be so lucky. It has taken a year and a half to get to the point where we are ready to open our site and start our big campaign, but we have a plan and we know that with God behind us, we can begin to slowly build hope!

I look at all of the work that is done to fight cancer, and most of the time, I’m horrified to find that the companies who take in the most money, spend a good chunk of it on overhead. If your heart is in it, then shouldn’t we leave more money in the accounts to help these families? Money has a way or tearing most things in life apart in one way or another. I however, dream of a place where families can come and find the love and hope that cancer has slowly robbed from them. Even in times of so much turmoil, I know there are still many good people left who see the value in hope still. See this is not my plan, it belongs to God, and I am just the lucky one he has called upon to carry it out!




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